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Glitter and gold.

I don't really like AMVs, anime or otherwise. But this...

This is perfection.

Honestly. You slap a title card at the end of this that says "RWBY: Volume 4: Coming this Fall", maybe a slight dulling filter over it to make it a bit washed out, and this becomes the perfect teaser trailer showcasing everything that is awesome and exciting and thrilling about the show.

I have never been more pumped for RWBY than I am right now. And that's saying something, given that Volume 3 pretty much killed me and my drive.

By the way, this should be obvious, but: massive spoilers for RWBY through Volume 3. Seriously. Nothing is sacred here.


On the one hand, it's always hard to have a project taken away from you and spun in a direction that you don't agree with. I've been on both sides of that coin and it isn't fun either way, especially when feelings get hurt.

On the other hand, it's pretty poor form to publicly air out thirty-five pages of grievances and backstory to try and paint your former employer as the bad guy.

It's even worse when you're using the memory of a beloved man as a shield to deflect any and all contrary opinions.

Shane, I know Monty meant a lot to you. I know that his death hurt those who knew him more than it could ever hurt those of us who only knew him through his works. But, the reality is, even if Monty were still alive today, it's likely that RWBY would still not have become the exact same thing he envisioned. Things change. Tough choices were made, and not everyone was ever going to be completely happy with where things would go. But, balance is something that projects need, and without balancing the needs of the story and the needs of the production, the end result suffers.

The truth is always somewhere in the middle. I'm willing to believe that some truly crappy things happened after Monty died and Volume 3 continued without him. The fact that both you and Sheena felt the need to distance yourselves from both RWBY and Rooster Teeth is pretty telling, and it was upsetting when I first heard.

But, I question whether or not this was really the best way to show your side of the story. You claim to not want to bring any kind of backlash against the show or Rooster Teeth, but we all know that this kind of dirty laundry will always end badly, every single time.

In letting the world know that Monty's vision for RWBY had been twisted, you may very well destroy the fandom and the show that he lovingly created.


SOL 120

DAY 23

On day 4, I May Fall played on my headphones while I was at work. I could match up the moments in the song perfectly to Velvet's scene in episode 11. When it gets to when Velvet reveals Penny's swords, I break down in tears.

On day 13, I can listen to Shine without crying. (Dream Come True still turns me into a sobbing mess.) I haven't brought myself to watch episode 12 again, can't even fathom doing it without dread shooting down my spine.

On day 22, I make a dark joke about Arkos and don't immediately regret it.

It's been three weeks.

I'm still not okay.

End of the beginning.

One way or another, my continuous RWBY posts are about to end.

I really, honestly don't know what to think anymore. Volume 3 started out absolutely amazing, with great character interactions, great fights, and quite a bit of development. (One of these days, I really need to list every single OTP I have for this show. The list is terrifying. #bloodmint) Now, everything's gone straight to hell and I'm caught between being horrified at the world as it stands or giddy at just how awesome and amazing the darkness has grown.

RWBY isn't a slice of life school drama anymore.

And like a thousand other commanders on a thousand other battlefields...

I await the dawn.

Oh, and Miles? Kerry?

I effing hate the hiatus.

When it falls.

I honestly wish I could get this song out of my head. It already fills my mind whenever I let it wander, now I'm afraid it's going to start invading my dreams.

there'll be no REST
there'll be no LOVE

and when it ENDS
the good will CRAWL
the shining light will sink in darkness
victory for hate incarnate
misery and pain for ALL


I'm not ready for Saturday.

A whole year.

Couple of things.

First off, wow, hey, it's been a year since I last scrapped the site and made it over again! Go me! (Don't expect this trend to last too much longer, seeing as how Drupal 8 juuuuust released.)

Second: I can't begin to describe just how much I love the freaking music in Volume 3 of RWBY. (Beware, direct links to episode timestamps below! Spoilers!)

It took a little while to get used to the opening theme, as shown above. Now, it's my favorite opening theme so far. It really gets better every single volume.

Then there's It's My Turn from Chapter 1.

And I'm the One from Chapter 4.

And this new version of Mirror, Mirror from Chapter 4.



*deep breath* Whoo, got a little woozy there.. must be all these paint fumes.

And, finally, three: Volume 3 goes on hiatus for three weeks, with the next episode, Chapter 7, premiering in 2016.

Chapter 6 was the biggest freakin' tease of a cliffhanger ever.

Stay tuned.

Like I said in my last post, I really need to get a recommendations section set up here so that I have a dedicated place to gush about RWBY. For now, though, I'll keep my thoughts short.

One of the things I noticed when I started interacting with the fandom is that there's this general consensus that RWBY's story is lacking. Now, I'll be the first to admit that there are some definite shortcomings with the show: the animation, obviously, needs some work, and the sheer number of characters means that character development is problematic. But, to be honest, the complaints that people have about the story bug me.

When you take the openings and closings out, Volume 1 has a runtime of 110 minutes and Volume 2 has a runtime of 150 minutes. To put that in contrast, that's almost 7 episodes of a standard 1-hour television show. 13 episodes of 21-minute anime.

In Stargate SG-1, we hadn't seen Thor yet. Or Hathor. Or Cassandra. Or the Tollan. They haven't even found the second Stargate in Antarctica. On Atlantis, they hadn't met the Genii. On Destiny, they hadn't found the control chair, much less the bridge.

James T. Kirk had yet to bluff with the Corbomite device. Or battle the Gorn. Or travel back in time to 1969. Picard hadn't become Dixon Hill. Or discovered Lore. On Deep Space Nine, Odo still believed he was the only living member of his race. Jonathan Archer hadn't ever heard of the Temporal Cold War. Voyager was still in whatever hell the first season of Voyager was.

Haruhi didn't know who Temaki's father was. Ed didn't know about the Ishbal Massacre. Usagi didn't know Mamoru's name. Sayoran had yet to obtain Hien or his second Clow Card. Naruto hadn't encountered the Three Sand Siblings.

Have I made my point yet?

All of the above events happen in the first season of their respective shows, and, in comparison to RWBY's runtime, we haven't gotten to any of them yet. Some of the most pivotal moments in these series hadn't happened yet.

I have plenty of problems with some of the elements of the story that RWBY has told so far. But, unlike some people, I know better than to get impatient.

Some people out there seem to think that, in two volumes, RWBY has to have an epic sense of story. I don't know if these people realize that we're essentially watching a show about a team of teenagers coming of age and still learning in university. To me, RWBY is a still a college drama; we haven't gotten to the hard part yet. The plans of Roman and Cinder are bound to throw the world of Remnant into chaos, but, right now, we're seeing a slice of life at Beacon. The time of heroes isn't at hand yet.

Monty outlined 10 volumes of RWBY. 10 years. That is about two or three seasons of anime, or about two seasons of television.

While Rooster Teeth may never be able to fully articulate his vision, I know that Miles, Kerry, and everyone else working on the show is going to do the best damn job they can.

Go back and watch the first episode of Red vs. Blue, then watch where they are now. Things change.

Stay tuned.


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