On the one hand, it's always hard to have a project taken away from you and spun in a direction that you don't agree with. I've been on both sides of that coin and it isn't fun either way, especially when feelings get hurt.

On the other hand, it's pretty poor form to publicly air out thirty-five pages of grievances and backstory to try and paint your former employer as the bad guy.

It's even worse when you're using the memory of a beloved man as a shield to deflect any and all contrary opinions.

Shane, I know Monty meant a lot to you. I know that his death hurt those who knew him more than it could ever hurt those of us who only knew him through his works. But, the reality is, even if Monty were still alive today, it's likely that RWBY would still not have become the exact same thing he envisioned. Things change. Tough choices were made, and not everyone was ever going to be completely happy with where things would go. But, balance is something that projects need, and without balancing the needs of the story and the needs of the production, the end result suffers.

The truth is always somewhere in the middle. I'm willing to believe that some truly crappy things happened after Monty died and Volume 3 continued without him. The fact that both you and Sheena felt the need to distance yourselves from both RWBY and Rooster Teeth is pretty telling, and it was upsetting when I first heard.

But, I question whether or not this was really the best way to show your side of the story. You claim to not want to bring any kind of backlash against the show or Rooster Teeth, but we all know that this kind of dirty laundry will always end badly, every single time.

In letting the world know that Monty's vision for RWBY had been twisted, you may very well destroy the fandom and the show that he lovingly created.

Red like roses, fills my dreams.

I'm going to admit something awful.

I haven't watched past episode three of RWBY.

It's really silly, too. I've really, really enjoyed what little I've seen of the show. Sure, it has some faults, but the concept is sound, the style is amazing, and the animation blew me away when I saw the awesome trailers and it still blows me away now. It's also not like I've not had time to watch the series; I've only watched (most of) The West Wing about six times now.

I guess that it was just something that I'd eventually get to, something that I'd convince Kat to actually sit down and watch without judging.

I still haven't. And that's tragic now and it sucks.

Netflix now has both volumes of RWBY available for streaming, in a nice, movie-cut version that gets rid of some of the awkwardness of having 10-minute episodes. It'll most likely be the version I'll watch first.

I've always wanted to go to RTX, meet the people who have created so much hilarious content that has gotten me through the rough moments in life. And now, while I'll still be going (eventually!), there'll always be one amazing, one brilliant guy I'll never get to thank in person.

So I'll do it here. Thank you for everything you ever created, Monty. It was an amazing ride, and we'll make sure that your work is never forgotten.

Keep moving forward.


Aside: Are you someone who thinks that anime has to be created by Japanese in Japan, despite the work being stylistically and heavily inspired by anime, and will staunchly defend this puritan position? You can shove it.

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