On Saturday, I became the proud owner of a 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV.

The Spark EV is a pure electric car. There is no other propulsion method other than the electric motor run by a 21kWh battery. (Unless I get out and push.)

To charge the car from zero to full, it takes 8 hours via 220V. The car doesn't come with a 220V charger, but 220V is available at public L2 chargers.

The nearest public L2 charger from my house is just under 40 miles away.

The car comes with a 110V charger, letting me charge at any power outlet (so long as the 20' cord reaches the charge port).

Zero to full on 110V takes 20 hours.

The car has an EPA-rated range of 82 miles.

I purchased the car from CarMax in St. Peters, MO, just over 150 miles away from home. They hadn't charged it in a while; the car showed 47 miles range.

It took two L2 220V charging stops in St. Louis, totaling 8 hours, to get enough range to make it to my parent's house. From there, 50 miles to home.

I slept in my car outside an optometrist's office for 6 of those hours. I left the parking lot, with a full charge, at 4 in the morning. Car says 60 miles range.

(Special thanks to Vision Care Associates. Your charger was a godsend, it's great that you're solar-powered (even though I was charging at night, sorry), and I love how you're promoting electric vehicles.)

Once at my parent's house, I spent an entire day in their driveway, charging via a normal 110V outlet. (Did I mention it was raining this entire time?)

In total, it took 27 hours from the moment I was handed the keys at the dealer until I arrived at my house, exhausted and a bit sore.

You might think that, after all that, I would absolutely hate the car. In what world does it make sense to take over an entire day's time to drive 150 miles?

In my world it does. This car is awesome and I love it.