Lets Encrypt.

So, in a little while, Google Chrome is going to start marking all non-HTTPS sites as non-secure. I guess it's time to start considering major HTTPS deployment.

I usually don't have to worry about that, as most of the sites I run aren't considered critical systems. (In fact, most sites that I deploy are fairly static, so moving to HTTPS just didn't make sense at the time.) However, since now all sites that use just HTTP are going to start triggering scary warning messages in Chrome, the path is clear. "Ugh. This is going to be complicated."

A couple of clicks and ten minutes later, I'm done.

That was easy.

Thanks to Let's Encrypt for offering free SSL certificates to everyone, and to DreamHost for making deployment of Lets Encrypt certificates as simple as logging into the DreamHost panel and turning Lets Encrypt on.

That's amazing.