When it falls.

I honestly wish I could get this song out of my head. It already fills my mind whenever I let it wander, now I'm afraid it's going to start invading my dreams.

there'll be no REST
there'll be no LOVE

and when it ENDS
the good will CRAWL
the shining light will sink in darkness
victory for hate incarnate
misery and pain for ALL


I'm not ready for Saturday.

A whole year.

Couple of things.

First off, wow, hey, it's been a year since I last scrapped the site and made it over again! Go me! (Don't expect this trend to last too much longer, seeing as how Drupal 8 juuuuust released.)

Second: I can't begin to describe just how much I love the freaking music in Volume 3 of RWBY. (Beware, direct links to episode timestamps below! Spoilers!)

It took a little while to get used to the opening theme, as shown above. Now, it's my favorite opening theme so far. It really gets better every single volume.

Then there's It's My Turn from Chapter 1.

And I'm the One from Chapter 4.

And this new version of Mirror, Mirror from Chapter 4.



*deep breath* Whoo, got a little woozy there.. must be all these paint fumes.

And, finally, three: Volume 3 goes on hiatus for three weeks, with the next episode, Chapter 7, premiering in 2016.

Chapter 6 was the biggest freakin' tease of a cliffhanger ever.

The future.

Every so often, I'll run into something in my life that makes me go, "Holy crap, I really am living in the future." Tonight was one of those nights.

As I'm getting home after a late night of painting the walls of my apartment (by the way, if you ever want to have me as a mortal enemy, have knotty pine paneling on your walls), I looked up towards the night sky. Most nights, the clouds are too thick or there's simply too much light interference, but tonight, I was able to see the stars.

One star in particular caught my attention, given how bright it was in the sky. At first, I thought it might have been the International Space Station, but from prior experience I know it's pretty rare for the orbital path to coincide with my night sky. There's also the possibility it might have been a satellite or an aircraft.

As I stood there, getting more curious about the light in the sky, I realized that I had a tool that would let me figure out what, exactly, this object was.

Enter Sky Map, formerly a piece of Google software but now open-source (and, seemingly abandoned). You can open up the app on your phone, point it up into the night sky, and the app uses your GPS location and the accelerometer in your phone to show, on the screen, a star map with labels showing exactly what it is you're looking at.

As it turns out, the bright light in the sky was Venus. (Duh. I should've known.)

Before, in the olden days, you would've had to have known quite a bit of astronomy to identify an object in the night sky like that.

Now, I can use the supercomputer in my pocket to tell me instantly, with a map and labels and everything, simply by pointing the device at it. And it shows me what other stars and planets and constellations are nearby.

Welcome to the future, now the present.

Stay tuned.

Like I said in my last post, I really need to get a recommendations section set up here so that I have a dedicated place to gush about RWBY. For now, though, I'll keep my thoughts short.

One of the things I noticed when I started interacting with the fandom is that there's this general consensus that RWBY's story is lacking. Now, I'll be the first to admit that there are some definite shortcomings with the show: the animation, obviously, needs some work, and the sheer number of characters means that character development is problematic. But, to be honest, the complaints that people have about the story bug me.

When you take the openings and closings out, Volume 1 has a runtime of 110 minutes and Volume 2 has a runtime of 150 minutes. To put that in contrast, that's almost 7 episodes of a standard 1-hour television show. 13 episodes of 21-minute anime.

In Stargate SG-1, we hadn't seen Thor yet. Or Hathor. Or Cassandra. Or the Tollan. They haven't even found the second Stargate in Antarctica. On Atlantis, they hadn't met the Genii. On Destiny, they hadn't found the control chair, much less the bridge.

James T. Kirk had yet to bluff with the Corbomite device. Or battle the Gorn. Or travel back in time to 1969. Picard hadn't become Dixon Hill. Or discovered Lore. On Deep Space Nine, Odo still believed he was the only living member of his race. Jonathan Archer hadn't ever heard of the Temporal Cold War. Voyager was still in whatever hell the first season of Voyager was.

Haruhi didn't know who Temaki's father was. Ed didn't know about the Ishbal Massacre. Usagi didn't know Mamoru's name. Sayoran had yet to obtain Hien or his second Clow Card. Naruto hadn't encountered the Three Sand Siblings.

Have I made my point yet?

All of the above events happen in the first season of their respective shows, and, in comparison to RWBY's runtime, we haven't gotten to any of them yet. Some of the most pivotal moments in these series hadn't happened yet.

I have plenty of problems with some of the elements of the story that RWBY has told so far. But, unlike some people, I know better than to get impatient.

Some people out there seem to think that, in two volumes, RWBY has to have an epic sense of story. I don't know if these people realize that we're essentially watching a show about a team of teenagers coming of age and still learning in university. To me, RWBY is a still a college drama; we haven't gotten to the hard part yet. The plans of Roman and Cinder are bound to throw the world of Remnant into chaos, but, right now, we're seeing a slice of life at Beacon. The time of heroes isn't at hand yet.

Monty outlined 10 volumes of RWBY. 10 years. That is about two or three seasons of anime, or about two seasons of television.

While Rooster Teeth may never be able to fully articulate his vision, I know that Miles, Kerry, and everyone else working on the show is going to do the best damn job they can.

Go back and watch the first episode of Red vs. Blue, then watch where they are now. Things change.

Stay tuned.

Next order of business.

I really need to set up a recommendations page here so that I can gush about all the things I freakin' love.

In case you were wondering why I've had this sudden realization: I finished RWBY. I don't care that people are floaty when they run sometimes or that the voice acting is amateurish. It's charming, it's fun, and it's amazing.

Also, I'm not ever going to be able to see the scene below without hearing the added Persona 4 battle music. It just fits so damn well.

And now we must do the news.

So, the first day of E3 was fun. There's not really much for me to say about it: I'm going to probably need an Xbox One, I might be able to get rid of my Xbox 360 because of the backwards compatibility, I kinda want the new Xbox One elite controller, I should really get a PS4 too, and I'm pretty sure the world is going to end because Square-Enix is actually going to remake Final Fantasy VII.

And then there's Mass Effect: Andromeda. I think, for right now, I'll hold my tongue on that one.


In other news: Chris Evans (the BBC presenter) is going to head the new Top Gear team!

It reminds me of Stargate. (Weird segueway, I know.) For eight years, Richard Dean Anderson did an amazing performance as Jack O'Neill (with two "L"s!). In season nine, he leaves the show as a regular and is replaced by Ben Browder.

Now, Cameron Mitchell is a great character, and Browder performed just as well as RDA did, but there was just something a bit.. off about the show after O'Neill became a guest. It might have had something to do with Sci-Fi putting two of the characters from Farscape on their other primary science fiction show, but, regardless, the show ended at the end of the tenth season (and after two of three planned TV movies).

This is how I think Top Gear will end. Not with a bang, but with a whimper.


There was a time, a long time ago, when I could be online at any hour of the day and know that there was at least a group of people I knew, with whom I could hang out and shoot the breeze.

As I look around now, I can see that time is long past.

Or maybe that's just the insomnia talking.


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